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Why Do

you need professional ghostwriting services?

Here is a list of reasons why you might be looking for a ghostwriting service;

  • You’re a busy professional on your daily grind.
  • You do not know where to start.
  • You might not be a writer.
  • You need an expert opinion on your already-written manuscript.
  • You have no design expertise for a book cover or any illustrations.
  • You already have a book but aren’t sure about how to sell it.

We understand that writing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but that does not mean people should give up on their ideas. You’re a wonderful person full of never-before-thought visions; we’re here to actualize them.

Why don’t you give us the honor of working with you to create your best-seller book?

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Professional Ghostwriting Services,
covering a variety of options, such as:

Our 6 Steps Process For

Creating A Personal Book

Keeping your busy schedule in mind, we’ve broken
down the process into six digestible steps.

Order placement We need your explicit consent to start your author journey with you. Reach out to us and place your order today. Psst: You can avail of a special discount if you contact us now!

Initial Interview Once the order has been finalized, we move to a crucial part of your journey to creating your best seller; extracting your ideas over a phone call. This process may take 1-2 or even three sessions to ensure we tell your story your way.

Chapter Writing Once the outline of your book is finalized, we start the chapter writing process. Each chapter that is written and delivered requires your approval.

Editing/Proofreading We edit the book chapter-wise during the process and then conduct final proofreading towards the end to ensure consistency, clarity, and coherence.

Formatting Once you deem the book perfect, we move towards the formatting stage, catering to line spacing, consistent fonts, and proper layout.

Publishing Before you know it, your book is ready for publication! We publish on powerful platforms like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, etc.

Other services to

Boost Your Sales Through Us

We also offer a bunch of other services that complement your Author journey;

  • Create an attention-grabbing book cover with us to captivate potential readers.
  • Are you looking to target audiences beyond the reader realm (people who don’t enjoy reading)? Our finest voiceover artists would love to animate your book with their voices!
  • Not sure how to reach the eyes and minds of people around the globe? Our branding and publicity team will use strategized tactics to garner hype and buyers!
  • Want your readers to know you beyond your book? Our web design team can handle that, from creating a website to making it look stunning.
  • We believe your book is an actual work of art and deserves its own trailer!
  • Gone are the days of buying viewers; we’ll give you organic readers through SEO (Search Engine Optimization). And much more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answering your Common Questions

The cost depends on several factors, like the book size, type of book, format, number of pages, and other services you wish to utilize. You may contact us for a free estimate!

You will! We may do all the work, but it was 100% your idea, and thus you get full ownership of your entire book!

We have worked with thousands of amazing aspiring authors like you, and we have gained their trust, and we’re confident that we’ll achieve yours, too!

Without customer support and constant communication, we won’t be able to write your book the way you want it. Our support team is available at your beck and call!

The book writing process typically depends on the length of the book and the frequency of modifications; however, a 200-page book takes about 2-3 months.

You’re subject to 100% refundability if unsatisfied with the first chapter!

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